12 Best Duplicate File Finder Software for Windows 10 & Mac [2021]

If you are looking for the best duplicate file finder software for windows 10 and Mac then you are on the right page. You coming to this article simply means that you are tired of the unnecessary duplicate file accumulating in your computer hard drive and filling the space for nothing. I feel you, every time when we install any new software there the duplicate files generate automatically and get stagnant on the hard drive. The duplicate files are somehow important if you are still using the software. 

But, even when you uninstall or delete the software, the duplicate files are left behind on the hard drive. Detecting and scanning them out manually becomes problematic, so by relying on the best duplicate file finder software we can get rid of them completely without any issue. There are duplicate files that are important for your current running Apps on your computer, so deleting them would cause crashing of the App and another technical issue. In order to avoid this from happening, the duplicate file finder software is well developed to only detect those files which are not needed and gets rid of them accordingly. 

There is a bunch of software or apps available on the internet so researching and choosing the right one gets intimidating. Therefore, we have done the hard part for you, we have done deep research on all the top listed duplicate file finder software for windows 10 and Mac, and ultimately came up with the 12 Best Duplicate File Finder Software for Windows 10 & Mac. 

12 Best Duplicate File Finder Software for Windows 10 [2021]

#1. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Starting with the best duplicate file finder software for windows 10 we have none other than the so-called “Auslogics Duplicate file finder”. The software is developed with brilliant algorithms that trace out any duplicate files within minutes and get rid of them immediately. To use this tool you don’t need to pay a single penny and also by using Auslogics you can decide which files to delete and not to. In this way, you don’t lose any vital files from your computer. This software is backed by Microsoft and is also highly rated on the internet by many users due to its excellent performance and features.

#2. Duplicate Cleaner Pro

The duplicate cleaner Pro is also one of the best duplicate file finder software that comes with the free version for every windows user. When we reshape or edit images, the copy of the original images stays behind and consumes so much space in your hard drive. So, this Software will detect any of those duplicate files and get rids of them for you. Using this you can decide what type of file type you want to get rid of, and also it can delete any duplicate files even when it is in zip format. But for this and extra added features, you will have to go premium.

#3. CCleaner

Another easy-to-use and free version of Duplicate file finder software for windows 10 are the CCleaner. It is extremely good for getting rid of duplicate files and also other junk files that could harm your computer and consume the hard drive unnecessarily. This software scans your entire machine system and lists out all the files that have some size and then you can preview them before you proceed to execute them as some duplicate files are important for your installed App to work perfectly without crashing. Frankly to say this is one of the best Duplicate file finder software available for every windows user.

#4. VisiPics

Now coming to my last recommendation, I have the “VisiPics”, and as the name suggests this software is developed to get rid of Images that get duplicated on your computer. Most of the time images get duplicated, or if you edit the image the same pic gets duplicated which is not at all refreshing as it fills up the space of the computer. So, this duplicate file finder software for Windows 10 will scan any specific folder and trace out the list of all duplicate images. Accordingly, you can delete them after previewing, the software lists out those files by comparing five attributes like file size, name, file format, etc.

Best Duplicate File Finder for Mac [Free & Paid]


#1. Gemini 2


Starting with the Gemini which is one of the best duplicate file finder software for Mac available for free. This software has a very sleek-looking and simple-user interface making it profoundly easy to use for anyone. Not to exaggerate but it has won awards for highly preferred rated and trustworthy duplicate file finder software for Mac. 

Now talking about its performance, Gemini has a smart and deep search feature that enables you to trace out all the duplicate files from the depth and also gives you the option to decide which files to get rid of. It can remove multiple types of files like images, pdf, doc, music, audio, etc. Not to forget that Gemini does the work very quickly; it does not take even a minute to scan your entire system.

#2. Tidy Up 5

Tidy Up 5 is also one of the best duplicate file finder software for Mac that is very much fast in execution, relatively the same with the speed of light. It also has an aesthetic UI and is very easy to operate. With just one click of the button, your entire system will be scanned deeply and will remove all the junk files. You also get the option to scan your machine in fast mode as well as slow mode, it depends on you to decide. Sometimes when scanned in fast mode few files might be left out, so if you want accurate cleaning then opt for slow mode. You see there could be large and small files as well in your hard drive, so to overcome this, the Software comes with simple mode (for small files) and advanced mode (larger files).

#3. Duplicate Detective

Our top 3 recommendations for Mac users are the only ones called “Duplicate Detective”. As the name suggests, it is a total package of duplicate detectives that works as a detective and traces out any duplicate files from your computer, and shows the result to you so that you can delete them manually. “Duplicate Detective” not only compares the size and name of the file to find the duplicate files, but it also does a deep search so that junk files can also be removed. I would say this is also the best duplicate file finder software for Mac users that is very budget-friendly and is extremely lightweight.

#4. PhotoSweeper X

Are you tired of those duplicate images filling up to your drive and you can do nothing about it as it gets time-consuming and hectic to find out the duplicate from the original images? The duplication of the images happens sometimes when you edit the images or technically in the background and unnecessarily consumes a lot of space. For instance, a single image could be around 9-20 MB when clicked by a good camera, and imagine 100 duplicate images are accumulated in your storage. Around 900-2000 Mb will be simply wasted, so to avoid this we have the PhotoSweeper X. As the name suggests it sweeps away all those duplicate images for you, it compares the file size, format, name, aspect ratio, resolution, and more. I should say if you have a bunch of images on your Laptop then this is one of the best duplicate file finder software for Mac.


So these were some of the Best Duplicate File Finder Software for Windows 10 & Mac [2021], that I recommend you to use to keep your computer clean from duplication of any files. Like I have mentioned above for both Windows and Mac, if you can use tools only to get rid of Images then install “PhotoSweeper X” for Mac and “VisiPics” for the Windows user. If you want to get rid of multiple types of duplicate files from your computer then install Gemini for Mac and Auslogic for the Windows User. I hope this article was helpful for you, if you have any other queries then please feel free to comment down below. I will be eager to help you out anytime, thanks for reading. 


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