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Easy Steps to Configure AOL IMAP Settings

Touted as the early pioneers of the internet, AOL is one of the most popular brands on the web in the United States. It earns its reputation for originally providing a dial-up service, web portal, email, instant messaging, web browser, and lot more.

To browse the AOL account on phone, you need to configure AOL IMAP settings on your device. Additionally, if your not responding and you are looking to correct AOL IMAP settings, then the following guide will come in handy.  

AOL IMAP Settings 

To install an AOL mail account in another email provider in any device, you are required to configure IMAP settings. It will keep your emails on the remote server and enables you to use multiple devices. Below are the details of Internet Message Access Protocol settings to be followed:

  • AOL IMAP Settings 

IMAP Server Address –

IMAP Username – [email protected] (your AOL email address)

IMAP Password – [email protected] (your AOL password)

IMAP Port – 993 (SSL)

IMAP settings are also called AOL incoming mail server since they are used to recover emails from the AOL mail server. Your emails are saved on the server and when you check your maildrop, the server fetches your messages.

Some of the benefits of AOL IMAP settings are:

  1. Fetches your request, for example, marking messages as read, selecting emails, deleting emails, etc.
  2. Receives and displays the list of new emails, email summaries, etc.
  • AOL SMTP Settings for Outcoming Emails

SMTP Server Address –

SMTP Username – [email protected] (your AOL email address)

SMTP Password – [email protected] (your AOL password)

SMTP Port – 465 (SSL) 

SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Settings in AOL are used as AOL outgoing mail server. It is one of the best ways to send an electronic message from one device to another. Some of the benefits of configuring AOL SMTP settings are as follows:

  1. Quick Delivery – Emails will be sent easily and quickly to the various recipients
  2. Reliability – At times, when emails could not be sent due to internet interruption, SMTP re-sends the same emails right after the device connects with the internet. 

AOL POP Settings

Although it is always advised that users must configure AOL email settings via IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), some of you would still choose AOL POP settings to configure AOL email for one  reason or another. The following information below is helpful for this particular group:

POP Server Address –

POP Username – [email protected] (your AOL email address)

POP Password – [email protected] (your AOL password)

POP Port – 995 (SSL) or 110 for standard

The above-mentioned steps of configuring the AOL email account via POP settings will help you input the correct details manually. 

The difference between IMAP and POP



  • The service synchronizes with your AOL Mail account.
  • Your email actions on AOL web or an app appears on AOL’s entire Mail interface
  • POP protocols can’t synchronize email actions.
  • It downloads a copy of messages from AOL server, on deleting the email from one place; it is not deleted from the other.

Hence, configure AOL IMAP settings for better and smoother service. 

AOL Outlook Settings 

Want to set up the AOL email account in Outlook to maintain both the accounts? Check out the most effective steps to configure AOL outlook settings in your mobile device:

  • Click on ‘File’ and select ‘Info’.
  • Click on the tab of ‘Add account’, enter your AOL Email ID and click on ‘Connect’.
  • Provide your AOL password and click on ‘Connect’.
  • At last, click on ‘Done’ to set your AOL email account in Outlook.

After applying the aforementioned methods, reboot your device to access the AOL mail account. And if you are facing any difficulty or have queries while going through the processes described in the article, connect with our representatives to fix your doubts. 

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